Protein: What’s the hype about?

Anyone remotely interested in fitness has an opinion about protein. People will often criticize your plate of food based on protein content. Others will warn you about the perils of too much protein on your kidneys. So what is the fuss about protein? Proteins are the source of amino acids in our body. We need […]

What is a ketogenic diet? Should you do it?

A ketogenic diet is a popular diet that triggers some extreme reactions in the fitness community. It has great benefits for certain people while it is not recommended or suitable for others. If you want to know basic information about this diet and its origin etc, here’s a link to help you understand it. It […]

Does Insulin make us fat?

The theory propagated is that Insulin is a hormone that inhibits fat burning(fat oxidation). Hence, you are offered various magical methods(low carb, keto and fasting) by which you can fight the dragon(insulin) and win the damsel(fat loss). Sounds legit, right? Wrong. Insulin is one of the many hormones in our body. It has several important […]

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