Fittr App

FITTR is an app by SQUATS which is the leading fitness and wellness platform in India. Use it to stay fit and stay in touch with people with similar interests. I’ve learnt a lot about health and nutrition from them. If you wish to learn more about my journey, click here. If you wish, you […]

Workout Planning for beginners: Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, we understood the basics of workout types and benefits. In this article we go into the actual creation of a workout chart. Workout Chart Creation For a beginner, a workout chart must take care of the following aspects: Safety Warmup Most people want to skip warmup in the interest […]

Workout Planning for Beginners: Part 1

There are entire books written addressing the intricacies of planning workout; targeting various specific goals; such as strength, hypertrophy, power, endurance etc. Advanced athletes have been analyzed and various strategies have been explored with various levels of success. There are also debates in the area of exercise; which are never satisfactorily resolved for all sides. […]

Muscles and Recovery

Abstract “Hans Selye, a Canadian endocrinologist, unknowingly provided the theoretical basis for periodization with his work on the adrenal gland and the role of stress hormones in the adaptation to stress, distress, and illness. Former Eastern Bloc sport scientists and physicians found similarities between the pattern of the training responses in athletes and the stress […]

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