Transformation 2.0: Week 2

Here’s the promised progress update on my transformation journey. Thank you for your interest!


  • Create a calorie deficit (~15-20% below TDEE): Necessary component for getting lean
  • Maintain protein levels high (2.2g/kg lean body mass) : Useful for maintaining lean body mass while losing weight so that most of the weight loss is fat and water.
  • Resistance Training Workout 5-6 days a week: Maintain and improve lean body mass for better body composition


  • I followed my resistance training plan while keeping my expectations on maintaining the workout intensity and volume. Since I am in a deficit and in the luteal phase this week, I consider any increase in intensity or reps as an “Exceeded expectation”.
  • Some stress caused some deviation in my diet in the later part of the week, but having quantified my food for so long; I am able to tweak discrepancies and counter balance in my diet. Here’s some things I did this week:
    • Watching the water intake.
    • Incorporating lot of vegetables and fiber supplements in ways that we like so that a deficit does not feel like a deficit. I always feel well-satisfied after a meal if I eat some yogurt with veggie salad (bell peppers, onion, cucumber and a pinch of salt) or yogurt with isabgol/psyllium husk and stevia. Both these options can in added to a quantified diet easily.


  • Weight lost: 600g I suspect around half of the lost weight is just water due to increased water intake
  • I have a TDEE of around 1800 and my average intake was around 1400 last week.
  • Lifting strength: Maintained in all lifts and increased in some.
  • Progress pics: Attached
Transformation 2.0: Week 2

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