Transformation 2.0: Week 1

Thank you for visiting my blog. This website was a result of my initial fitness journey/transformation 1.0 that started in August 2017 and continued to November 2018. Over a year had me losing around 16kg (75kg to 59kg) and gaining a lot of strength. The improvements in quality of life and relationships were mind-blowing. I got certified as a Nutrition and Fitness Consultant during this time too. My initial goal was hitting 60kg and being able to dead-lift my own weight. These were met and I dare say I got a bit complacent.

However, over the past many months, in 2019, I have remained in the same ballpark weight with small improvements in body composition and gain in strength. Meanwhile I completed another certification and I am now an Exercise Science Specialist. I needed it very much because I had absolutely no lifting experience before 2018. It helped me tune my workouts better.

Today I embark on my second transformation journey as I aim to achieve a fitter physique with some muscle definition. I will be updating my progress pictures weekly for the next 6 weeks along with an abstract about how the week went in terms of nutrition and exercise.

I am sure to hit a few snags along the way and steer through some road blocks. Hope this blog will provide added impetus to my journey as well as motivate some others to embark on their own journey. Here is my starting picture from the gym today(16th September 2019). Wish me luck and stay tuned!

Transformation 2.0: Week 1

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