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The simple act of eating right and being active is now a challenge due to the clutter of popular myths and hyped up supplements. My articles aim at reducing the complexity and removing the myths from the fitness world for you.

I am no expert. What I am is a work-in-progress. A learner. The only thing I know for certain is that one must question and seek answers and basically try to fit the pieces of the puzzle in a way that makes sense. All the pieces of the puzzle aren’t equal. Some contribute more to the picture than others and hence are more important.

I believe in a minimalistic approach to fitness. You should not have to sacrifice too many of your favorite foods and activities in the quest for fitness. I hope to bring you information that is tested and proven, as well as practical; in your quest to wellbeing.

Please use the Feedback page to provide us feedback on any content featured here or any question you would like us to address here.

Getting Started

If you are a person who is relatively new to the world of fitness; except for random bits of information you have picked up from your surroundings(doctors, friends, gym trainers, relatives); these are good places for you to start.

Please feel free to add any questions you have on our Feedback page so that we can answer them too.

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